Commercial duty performance can't be faked. To ensure your business runs at its best, TerraStar and TerraStar 4x4 are purpose built for your most demanding jobs.

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Maximum Durability

TerraStar packs a lot of capability into a highly maneuverable truck. TerraStar was built to work on the job site that would humble the ordinary pickup truck. Its commercial grade Allison 1000 transmission and high-strength, low-alloy frame rails easily outperform the competition.

Best-In-Class Visibility

TerraStar gives you 38% better front-forward visibility than the leading competitor, making it more capable of maneuvering in tight spaces.

Exceptional Efficiency
Powered by the highly efficient 300HP 7 litre engine with 660 lb-ft of torque, TerraStar is built for maximum capability and productivity. The compacted graphite iron engine block provides added strength without added weight.

Commercial Grade

Forged from commercial duty components, TerraStar boasts beefy, huck-bolted cross-members rated at a best-in-class 80,000PSI. High quality Fabco TC-28 transfer case with gear drive for increased durability over chain driven competitive models. Its cab is constructed with double-sided, galvanized high-strength steel protected by a 5-step professional grade coating process to resist corrosion.

Maximum Driver Comfort

The TerraStar was built with the driver in mind. It features an 82" cab, the largest in its category - 8" wider than its closest competitor. So, when the job calls for more crew, they'll fit without a hassle. The interior was even designed with the latest ergonomics, spacing the most used features within easy reach. Even the commercial-style, alligator hood improves access to fluids for easier maintenance and time saving.



Diamond Logic

With Diamond Logic, the engine, transmission, instrument panel and other vehicle components continually communicate with each other electronically. By monitoring critical vehicle functions and relaying information to the driver, it ensures safe, efficient vehicle operation. Pre-Trip inspections are simple. Headlights turn on with the wipers, and safety interlocks engage automatically.

Customer Service

With some of the industry's best trained technicians at nearly 800 dealer locations and an extensive parts inventory, we've earned a reputation for unrivaled customer service. With the most customer friendly suite of service solutions in the industry, you can count on us to get your trucks back on the road right when you need them.